Pictures Of Endometriosis Tattoos Endometriosis Question?

Endometriosis question? - pictures of endometriosis tattoos

I was unofficially diagnosed with endometriosis about a year ago. I have not had surgery for an official diagnosis yet, because I have in another country and not been sure until recently. The appointment with my doctor here on 13 May. But the worst of the pain was gone and I have a slight pain occasionally, until very recently.

I have a picture, and I think that the situation did not feel work well for my body, because the second I left, I put the sharp, stabbing pain in the pelvic area. It was the pain he felt when I realized that something was wrong and went to my doctor.

My question is, is a movement really is a trigger for the pain, or is it just a coincidence? This is not the first time that I move back pain at some, but when I get the same movement, the pain is not the case. I would like some clarification, if you can offer. I wonder if I should be careful how I move, and if this gIve my medical records. Thank you!


Jamie W said...

I also have endometriosis. It really depends on where in the uterus. I'll tell Caffine pain, at least for me, and do many things to do than now. Sex, much more pain. If you tell the dr. FDI can be found easily during the operation. Good luck to you.

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